Google Celebrates The Findings of Water on Mars

Google Celebrates The findings of Water on Mars

Today, Google featuring Doodle or animated image on their search engine website. Celebrating finding water on Mars, Google from California display animated Mars was drinking water.

When the user clicks on the Doodle, the user will be taken to the search results Mars. Google also provides features that enable users to share relevant information ‘Evidence of water found on Mars’ or the discovery of evidence of water on Mars to your Facebook, Twitter, Email and Google+.

Doodle form seen today show an animation of the red planet are sucking a glass of water. The unique animations that describe the Earth’s neighboring planet contains water that is new this time officially revealed by NASA.

“There is a water content (fluid) on this day on the surface of Mars,” said Michael Meyer, chief scientist at NASA’s Mars exploration program as reported Theguardian, Tuesday (29/09/2015). According to him, this evidence can show that Mars allow a habitable environment.

The images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows gullies that long inside the crater and the slopes of the possibilities created by the salt water flowing on the surface of Mars today.


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